The Reunion - Mayur Didolkar

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When Sayali Rao got an invitation for the class reunion she accepted it without hesitation. She had been cut off from her friends for a long time due to her illness so she thought this would be a good way to rekindle those old friendships  

Sayali had been  suffering from Schizophrenia. But the doctor said that she had recovered and she's as normal as the other person. Her husband Piyush too also believed it and so a weekend away with her old school mates in a scenic Pune resort seemed a nice change of pace for her.  

Little did they know who all were waiting for her there. 

My Views

Mayur Didolkar has become one of my favourite authors. Every time i read something by him i know he’ll bring some thing new to the table. The story Reunion by him is another example of him choosing a different subject and delivering an taut entertaining read out of it. 

I don’t know about you but for me my student life is one of the most cherished period of my life. We didn’t have much worries and the friendships were all real. I think this is the case for most people and so reunions are something one looks forward to. This story by Mayur Didolkar is also about a Reunion but the people that get reunited with the protagonist are the kind one wouldn’t want coming in such events.  

The protagonist of the story is Sayali Rao who has been suffering from Schizophrenia. Now since, people who have schizophrenia experience auditory and visual hallucinations so it makes for an intersting premise for a horror story as person may not know what he’s experiencing is real or figment of his imagination. And so it gives a writer a perfect opportunity to make an unreliable narrator and thus they can weave a lot of twists in the story. As i know most of Mayur's story have twists in them so when i read the blurb and found out  about Sayali,  i wanted to see how he has used this situation. And after reading the story i can say without doubt that the author has succeeded in creating a engaging read with it. 

The story is divided into 11 small chapters. The story starts with Sayali coming to the resort and once she enters into the resort such things start happening with her which forces reader to read the story till the end. You know her mental condition and so what she see acts like an unreliable narrator which helps in creating suprises as you keep guessing what's real or not and this makes it a very satisfactory read. 

I really enjoyed reading this book as a thriller but i felt bad for Sayali and her family as one can easily gauge by reading this story how difficult it would be to manage and care for a person who's suffering from this illness.   

Also, the way story ends you wonder whether Sayali was suffering from schizophrenia or was she a pschic of somekind? I think she was a psychic who couldn't to terms with her own ability. As we don't know what kind of hallucinations she was suffering before this story takes place we can't say anything for sure. I wish we would have been told that because than this aspect would have been a lot more clearer.   

I would end by saying that if you are looking for a fun, engaging, weekend read and enjoy dark stories with twists then give this story a try. I know you are going to like it.

Book Link: Amazon

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