Good Work, Secret Seven - Enid Blyton

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Format: Paperback | Page Count: 103 | Publisher: Hachette India | First Published: 1954

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Good Work, Secret Seven - Enid Blyton | Hachette India


It had been weeks and still secret seven were not able to find an adventure. Now even Jack's sister Susie had started taunting Jack about it.

The members knew if they would not come across an adventure soon, it would become impossible to stop Susie and her coterie.

Will the secret seven find an adventure?

What will they do to find it?

Where will that adventure take them?

My Views

'Good Work, Secret Seven' is the sixth book of Enid Blyton's Secret Seven Series. It was first Published in 1954.

The book starts with Secret Seven (Peter, Janet, Jack, Pamela, Barbra, Colins and George) looking for an adventure and it seems the adventure is eluding them. When they start feeling dejected something falls in Peter and Janet's lap and a new adventure begins. Although the event that they come across doesn't seem that big to the adults but the kids smell something fishy there and decide to pursue it. What was the event? How they furthur pursue it? What all they do to get to the bottom of the mystery makes the story of the  book.

The story is engaging. Although this is an adventure story and the adventure doesn’t really begins till the 34th page of a 103rd page book, but whatever happens in these 34 pages keeps you glued. Susie plays a major role here. She is a clever girl who is able to corner them. I liked the equation that is shown between Secret Seven members and her. I would like to see the relationship between them develop more. Either she becomes their foe who tries to pull them down and seven has to kind of defeat her. Or she could become part of the team. Anyways I think she does want to become part of the team but is too haughty to say so.

In a book series where there is a team consisting of a large number of members sometimes it becomes difficult for an author to focus on each character and thus in some stories some of the characters feel kind of left out which kind of makes the story weak.  But here such is not the case. Peter is obviously the leader of the group but each member of the secret seven society gets to do something or the other in their pursuit of solving the mystery. This was also a good thing about this story for me.

The mystery is not very complex but the team does get to investigate. They get their share of hurdles during this investigation and use their wits to overcome them. I liked seeing them working out things to do to get the bottom of it. 

If you are looking for a light fun read then you'd not go wrong with it. Do give it a try. I think you'll like meeting the Secret Seven.

Book Link: Amazon

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