The Ghostwriter - Mayur Didolkar

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Review: The Ghostwriter by Mayur Didolkar


Mustafa and Bandu had heard all kinds of excuses in their criminal careers. But even they were not prepared for hearing what Mukta told them. 

According to Mukta the laptop present in Mukta's basement was haunted by the soul of Mukta's father and if they would take it they would have to face his wrath. 

Was the laptop really haunted or it was just Mukta’s ploy to stop them from stealing it?

Major Characters

Mukta - A 20 year old girl
Raju - Mukta's brother
Mustafa - A thief 
Bandu - Mustafa's partner
Mahajan Kaka - Mukta's neighbour 

My Views

The Ghost writer is a short story by Mayur Didolkar. Before this i had loved reading Mayur Didolkar's short story collection Nagin so i was expecting a lot from it. And after reading this story story i can say that this story did meet my expectations. 

The ghost writer is suspense thriller which holds you from the start. As the story moves along, things happen in such a way that reader is forced to read the story till the end. The story also has supernatural elements in it so it also increases the thrill factor in it.A nd it did manage to surprise me in the end which made it a satisfactory read for me.

The title is also apt for the story as in the story Mutka's father was a ghost writer who is supposed to be a ghost who's still ghostwriting. 

Although i liked most of the story but if i have to point something that i didn't like then i would say that in the story there is presence of trapdoor in Mukta's house. The story is set in mordern times and i don't think such doors exist in mordern homes. There may be homes where such things exist but i think it would have been better if the writer had employed some other means to move the story forward here. 

In conclusion I would just say that i really liked this story and if you haven't read it then you should give it a try. I'm sure you'd not regret reading it. 

Book Link: Amazon

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