Not without you - Tarang Sinha

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E-book | Publisher: Juggernaut | Page Count: 24
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Not without you - Tarang Sinha


All Vishal wanted was to take his wife Mitali to a romanitc dinner. They went out hoping to have a good time. But then everything in their life changed.

Now, Vishal is in hospital and nobody seems to find his wife. They say he was all alone where the accident occured.

Was he really alone? If not where did Vishal's wife go?

My Views:

Not without you is a short story by Tarang Sinha. This was second story of hers that i have read on Jugernaut. The first one was It rained that night

Not without you revolves around Vishal and Mitali. They are a loving couple whose life changes completely after an accident. The story is about power of love with a tinge of supernatural in it.

I liked the story. The writing is good and the writer is able to generate interest in her characters. As a reader you want to know what would happen to this couple in the end. 

But I would like to mention here though that the ending was kind of predictable for me. I think it would have been more suprising if the author wouldn't have taken that route  which she took because most readers would be expecting her to do that. Yes, there were times when she did manage to make me doubt whether i was right about the ending or not and that's the good part of her writing. But after everything is revealed you do think about those events and wonder what was going on there. 

There were also few things in the story that are left unanswered. In the end Vishal finds something but i couldn't get how that thing was not found earlier. Yes, we are shown in the story that the thing was a little far off from the place where accident had occured but how did it get so far away was something that i couldn't get. Plus, whenever an accident occurs the police is supposed to check the near by areas. So it's a wonder why that thing was not found earlier in that search as in the stor we too see inspector Arjun mentioning that he's going to search the place. What happened in that search is never revealed?

In the end i would say that it's an okay albeit a little predictable read. I would have liked it more if the ending would have been able to surprise me.

Book Link: Juggernaut

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  1. It's very difficult to write a review without revealing the climax, but you have done a great job of it. No spoiler-alert needed here! I am now intrigued!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. The story is in Juggernaut.I would love to read your views about it.

  2. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your honest feedback. I'll keep that in mind. 🙏 :)

  3. Nice review :)
    The book seems interesting


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