Empirical Evidence - Brandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas

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Review: Emperical Evidence - Brandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas


Baron is the King’s reporter. He knows the Emperor is great and it's his duty to serve his king and to make sure people know about his greatness.And he’s happy being the king’s scribe.  

But then she comes into his life. She is a rebel who tells him something about himself. Something that he had forgotten. Something that could change his whole life. 

Who is she? 

Why did she come to the Baron? 

What did she tell him?


The novelette Empirical Evidence written by the duo Brandon Meyers and Bryan Pedas is set in a futuristic world. It’s totalitarian regime where the emperor believes in ruling with an iron fist.  He, with his high-tech robot soldiers and weponery, has conquered many regions and has decimated those who were unwilling to join him. He regularly executes rebels to show his people what rebellion would bring them. 

Baron is his scribe who is working for the king from the past one year. He doesn't remeber what his life was before he came to work for the king and frankly he doesn't seems to care much about it. He is happy with his job which is is to make sure the emperors thoughts and his propaganda is spread properly. Baron is loyal to the emperor and we see the story from his perspective. 

Since the story is written in first person so we see what the Baron is seeing. As the story progresses we become aware of different feelings that are going through inside him. We feel his confusion, his dilemma, his denial and finally the truth descending on him and it seems that it is us who are going throught these feelings. 

As it is a novelette, so we get to see just a fraction of the world that Brandon resides in. The story just gives you a glimpse of a totalitarian regime and how it generally functions. As we are seeing this world through the eyes of a person who belives in it with all of it's heart so when the world around hims unravels it affects us a lot more than it would have if we would have seen this world through the eyes of a rebel. The end too feels like a punch to the stomach.

There are mainly two characters in the story Baron and Joan. Baron is the narrator of the story and so you feel connected to him. Although sometimes his ingratiating attitude becomes irritating but then you also know that that is his character trait and it is important for the story. 

As far as Joan is concerned she is really a badass and as a reader one would want to know more about her especially her life as it was a few months before story of this novelette takes place. It would make for an interesting read and i would love to read a novelette based on that. 

The writing here is taut and keeps you hooked to the story. The story may have been set in an imaginary future but as you keep reading it read it you keep finding a lot of things that are common in that world and the current world that we are living in. Like Baron and people who were living there with him we all are also living inside a bubble where we are constantly fed information over which we have no control. We think we know what's going on around us but to be really frank we don’t know whether the information that we are fed is correct or something that aligns with one’s propaganda. We may all be like Baron in our real lives and all our believes may be based on something that may not be true at all. And the scary part is we may be as oblivious of it as the Baron was. 

In conclusion i would say that Emperical Evidence is a thought provoking novellette that gives you a lot to ponder upon. If you haven't read it then you should give it a try. 

I have also written  an article on this book in hindi too. You can read the hindi version here:
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