Unwitting Accomplice - R V Raman

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Doctor Govind had returned to India after a long long time. He was a cardiologist who lived outside India and so had not met his relatives from a long time. He wanted to do that now. 

He was looking forward to meet his sister in law Devika whom he was very fond of. 

But when he reached Devika's flat he found out that Devika had been murdered. 

Devika was an 80 year old woman who had been ill for a long time and doctor had given her at most 6 months time. Everyone in her immediate family knew this. 

So why was Devika killed?

And who had killed Devika?


Unwitting Witness is a clever murder mystery by R V Raman. The story is 22 pages long and in it the  author gives you many suspects to choose your killer from and so it becomes tad bit difficult to  pinpoint the killer.

I liked Vaidya's character in the story. He's the one who solves this case. He is an intelligent guy whom  experience has taught that one shouldn't jump into conclusions. The author has been able to show this quality of his in the story and one really wants to see how he would solve this case. 

It's also mentioned in the story that Vaidya had been behind solving many complex cases. This story has made me want to read about them too. I hope the author writes about those cases too. It would be fun reading those mysteries too.

The story needed a one more round of proof reading though. Right now there were some errors that needed to be weeded out. Apart from it i didn't find much that needed to be worked on. 

In the end i would say that it's a well written mystery and if you like murder mysteries then you should also give it a try. 

Book Link: Amazon

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