Snowflakes - Ruth Ware

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Format: Ebook | Page Count: 24 | Publisher: Amazon Original Stories | Series: Hush Collection

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Leah and her family had been living in the island since the war broke out. They had become accustomed to the hard life that they had been living here but then something happened which scared Leah’s father.

Leah's father now wanted them to build a wall around the place they had been living. Her father thought something was coming for them and they had to have protection against it. 

Why was Leah’s father building the wall? 
Was the wall strong enough to protect them? 

My Views

Snowflake is a short story by Ruth ware. The story was written for Amazon’s Hush collection where the writers were asked to write a story featuring a situation where a deception can cause life and death situation. After reading Ruth’s story i would that it does justice to the theme. 

The story is narrated by a fourteen or fifteen year old girl called Leah who had been living on an Island from more close to ten years. The story starts with Leah telling the reader how their father is forcing them to build a wall and how that has made their already tough life hard. As the story progress the reader gets to know how Leah and their family came to be in this Island and how their life here was. This also makes one wonder why the father is building a wall. What is it that he wants to keep out? This is the question that makes the reader keep reading the story.  

I enjoyed reading this story. The author has managed to keep the suspense till the end. The final reveal also managed to surprise me. The only thing that i thought was off in the story was the way in which the last events unfold on the Island. Although it makes the story more thrilling but once you come to know what was actually happening, you would definitely think that there must have been a better way to resolve that situation. Atleast, i thought so. Or the author should have given strong reason for people acting the way they did. And here i’m not talking about Leah’s family. 

To conclude i would say that it was an engrossing read which managed to keep me glued to it. If you like engaging suspense stories than do give it a try. I hope it entertains you as much as it entertained me.

Some lines from the story that i liked:

There were some truths too terrible to tell, some things it was better not to know.

How do you relearn everything you thought was the truth? How do you make your life again? 

Book Link: Amazon

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