Cause Of Death - Jeffery Deaver

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Cause Of Death - Jeffery Deaver | Amazon Original Stories


It was an accident that took Patience's life. Or so they said.

At first 'her husband John also believed it.

But then he saw that mysterious and person in Pax's funeral and he knew there were something wrong with what the authorities had deducted.

Now it was on John to find out what happed to his wife.

Was her death really an accident?

Did John found his wife's cause of death.

Major Characters

John Talbot - Narrator
Paitience/Pax Susan Addison - Narrator's Wife
Janet - Patience's Sister
Brook hartford - Graduate Assisstant to John=
Ronal Bragg - Detective County Public Saftey
Terry Garner - John's Friend and Deputy
Todd Stoltz - A trouble maker who was a good shot
Rachel - Owner of R Johnson Framing and Art
Marcus Wexler - Old boss and ex of Patience

My Views

'Cause of death' is a novelette by Jeffery Deaver. 

Generally people feel that they know their spouses well but is it really so. Sometimes they may be harbouring a secret. A secret that could change the course of their relationship's life. But what happens when the spouse harbouring the secret dies and the other one comes across them while unravelling the cause of their death. How bizzare sometimes those secrets can be?  This is the theme that this story basically tackles.

John is a professor of history whose wife has died in an accident or so the authority believes. Initially John also believes it but then he sees a mysterious figure during the funeral and decides to investigate for himself what happened to his wife. What was her Cause of Death? What he finds during this investigation and where it leads him forms the rest of the story. 

The title of the novelette makes it pretty much clear what the story is about. The story is told in first person and we get to see things from John's point of view. The story is engaging and the author maanges to keep the suspense till the end. As the investigation progress, the things are gradually revealed and they create enough amount of tension in the story for you to keep reading and see where the story would take you. The author has woven the story in such a way that as a reader one doesn't know whom they should trust.  Although the way the story changes tracks in the end and what John finds about his wife and the accident may seem a little far fetched to some readers but it does goes well with the theme and personally i didn't mind it that much. In other story it would have made the story weak but since this story is all about secrets so you kind of digest it. There is  a section of the story about Rachel and John and what Patience had planned for them. I thought this section could have been edited out. It seemed too filmy and weak to me.  

 If you want a short suspenseful read then do go for it. The story has enough sets of twists and turns to keep you hooked till the end. I enjoyed reading it and i hope you'd too.

Book Link: Amazon

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