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Hitman's Girlfriend - Kamini Kusum | Srishthi Publishers | Book Review


Erika used to run a bakery in Goa. She was the one responsible for taking care of her parents. But that was always not the case. She had a brother and due to Vishal she had none now.

Vishal was police officer who had killed her elder brother Savio in an encounter and for that Erika had wanted to destroy Vishal. 

And now Erika had gotten her opportunity. Vishal was back in the town and Erika's boyfriend Peter, who was the hitman for local mafia, had hatched a perfect plan to  make sure Vishal pays for what he did to Erika.

What was that plan?

Did Erika got what she wanted?

My Views

It’s said that there are six to seven plots in the world and rest of  the plots are only the combination of these basic plots. That’s why as a reader when i pick up a book i don’t really seek a very unique concept or plotline. I know they would be limited and it would happen often that the stories that i have picked up would have the themes and plot points similar to those what i have already read. But if the story's presentation is interesting enough then these rarely affect my reading experience for that particular story. This is the reason that even if  get to read a plot that has been done a lot of times but if the author has managed to present it in an interesting way and there are no plot holes present then for me it would be a good read. That’s why when i picked up Hitman’s girlfriend i had similar kind of hopes from it. 

Hitman’s girlfriend is a novelette by Kamini Kusum. It’s an erotic thriller and has been published by Srishti Publishers. 

When i came across the synopsis of the book then i could clearly makeout what the story would be. It was a plot that has been  done a lot of times but i wanted to see author’s take on it. i had a hope that as this story is an erotic thriller then it would have thrill along with erotic elements but sadly that was not the case. 

The premise of the story is interesting. There’s a girl who has lost her brother and wants to avenge him. She has a lover who’s a hardcore criminal and then there is a police officer who had killed the girl’s brother. Along with it the girl is given an opportunity to avenge her brother’s death. You know all this and you kind of have an idea as to how this story would progress. Now it was in the hands of the author to make this plot such that it has some elements which the reader would not be able to predict. But such thing doesn’t happen. 

The plot twists present in the story are such that you can easily see them coming and hence they are not able to give you a surprise like they should have. 

There is point where Erika is in a dilemma and author has beautifully captured that struggle in the story but in a major juncture of the plot she seems kind of gullible. The way she behaves seems unrealistic. Saying more will reveal the major plot-point of story so here i will just say that if there is a person who has hurt someone very near and dear to me then i’ll need just more then his words to convince me that things are not what they seem to me. Here if the author would have given a strong reason then it would have made the story better. Apart from it the tussle between the three main characters could have been made more complex and the climax of the story could have been made more thrilling than what it was. 

Erika’s boyfriend works for a mafia leader called Wolf. Here in the story we just keep hearing about him from the major characters. If he had made an appearance and we would have gotten a glimpse of how he handles his empire then that i think would have increased the thrill quotient of the story. Although the way the story has ended the author has left a possiblity for a sequel featuring wolf. If yhr author writes that sequel then i would like to read that story. 

As i have said earlier that this is an erotic thriller so there are parts of the book where the sexual acts have been described in detail. The detail is very graphic and i think that could have been toned down a little. I think the author should have revealed little and left something for the reader's imaginations.   

Right now, i would say that due to the lack of the ample amount of thrilling elements the story felt below average to me. If you like reading erotic books then you’d enjoy reading it but if like me thrillers are your priority then i think this book would not be able to satisfy you. 

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