The 13th Warning - R L Stine

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The 13th Warning - R L Stine


Joseph was the thirteenth child of parents who were thirteenth children of their own parents.  For every one else 13 may be a unlucky number but it was Joseph's lucky number. Every thing that he did Luck favoured him in that so much so that he was called called Lucky by anyone who knew him.

But Joseph was worried now a days and the cause of his worry were the two people who had paid him a visit. According to them his luck was running out and if he manages to collect thirteen thirteens before his thirteenth birthday then evil will get unleashed on him.

Who were these people?

Was Lucky's luck really running out?

Did he collect thirteen thirteens?

My View

It had been a long time since I had read something written by R L Stine so when I saw this little book by him on Kindle unlimited I just grabbed it. Superstitions have been part of us humans and no matter which part of world we live in we may be superstitious about something or the other. This book by R L Stine is also about superstition and how they can have a hold on us and if they really hold any water. 

The 13th warning is a story of child called Jospeh who contrary to popular belief used to think that 13 was his lucky number as he was 13th kid of parents who themselves were 13th child of their parents. He was also born on 13th and was considered lucky by people as luck usually used to favour him. But when on the eve of his 13th birthday he's warned by some mysterious people he's forced to belief by things happening to him that if  thirteen thirteens come in to his life before his 13th birthday than his luck will run out. The story is about these thirteens coming to his life and his first trying to first laugh off the warning to becoming serious about them and trying to ensure no more 13's come into his life.

The story is simple but holds your interest till the end. You want to know how these thirteen thirteens would come into his life and how they will affect him. Since it's a R L Stine book so you know no matter hard he tries he will finally accumulate those thirteen thirteens and thus you want to see what would happen to him. I enjoyed reading it.

The only thing that i wished author had devled more into was the The superstition society. It was an intriguing concept and I would like to know more about the society and it's members. 

There was one other thing though, that i couldn't help but thinking. Since i live in India and most will know how populated this country is when i read about Lucky and his lineage it kind of felt uncomfortable to me. I mean he had 12 brothers and sisters and his parents also had 12 brothers and sisters of their own. I just couldn't help but think how was Lucky's father managing to feed that family. Geez! it would be a lot of work to do that. I know it's completely unrelated but as i said i couldn't help wondering about that. 

Anyhow, i enjoyed meeting Lucky and i think if you are into R L Stine books then  you would also like meeting him to see how thirteen thirteens would affect him.  

Book Link: Amazon

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