Let Her Be - Lisa Unger

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Format: Ebook | Page Count: 61 | Publisher: Amazon Original Stories | ASIN: B08BTZT8HS

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Will's an aspiring novelist who is reassembling his life back. He was in relationship with Anisa but it was his suspicious nature that had killed that relation. Now all he wants is to get back on his feet and get that book of his published. 

But Anisa's blogfeed is something he is worried about. He thinks his ex-girlfriends online persona may be fake and she could be in danger. So when he meets Emily, a common friend of his and Anisa's, he shares his doubts to her. 

Are Will's suspicions true or they are just flights of his fancy? 
What is that trigerred Will into beliving that Anisa may be needing help?
What was Emily's reaction to this and did she help Will in finding out the truth about Anisa?


Will - An aspiring author
Anisa - Will's ex
Dr Black - Will's doctor
Emily -  Will and Anisa's friend
Parker - Anisa's new boyfriend


Let her be by Lisa Unger is novelette that was written by the author as a part of Hush Collection for Amazon.  In this collection the authors had to write a story based on the theme that deception can cause life and death situations. There are 6 stories in this collection and it was the fourth one that i have read. 

Let her Be is the story of Will who is just reassembling pieces of his life. He is an aspiring novelist who had attempted suicide a few months back and now is trying to get back on his feet. This is why he meets his friend Emily and that's when story takes a dark turn . 

The story is narrated by Will in first person. As the story starts we are told by Will about his current condition and how he was responsible for it. We feel for him at first and he seems like a guy who wants to make ammends. But things start changing as the story progresses ahead. As the story moves ahead we find out about Will's true nature and how there's is something off about him. We also find out things are not exactly as he's portraying them to be. The book is gripping and holds the reader's interest. As a reader one wants to see whether the suspicions that Will has about his ex-lover hold any water in real life.

Since the story is about deception and how it can create life and death situation so it also happens here. Who decieves whom and the kind of situations it creates is something that would be better if you read it yourself. I would not like to reveal that. 

The ending is brilliant. The author has left a lot the reader's imagination without clearly mentioning what had happened but i think that is the beauty of the story. 

It's a gripping novelette and if you haven't read it then do give it a try. If you like thrillers i'm sure you'd like it. 

Some lines from the book that i liked

Sometimes silence is the only answer we get and we have to accept that. (Page 5)


We cling to the past, don't we? To versions of ourselves, to people we tried to love, to dreams we have outgrown. But there's only one moment. Now. And the only true self exists here. (Page 18)


Why is true friendship so invisible? The person who is always there, the one who answers when we call, who comes when we need her. Why do we so often take that quiet presence for granted? (Page 34)


Time settles when there's nothing to do but wait. (Page 42)


Sometimes regret is a bitter meal you have no choice but to eat. (Page 50)

Book Link: amazon.com | amazon.in 

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