The Old Car - Andaleeb Wajid

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The old car had been like a family member to them. Sunil,who was the eldest child of the family, had had many beautiful memories associated with it. But he was grown up now and sentimentality had no value for him. All he wanted to get rid of that old car.

But was it really that easy? 

My Views

The old car is a short story written by Andaleeb Wajid. We all have somethings in our life that we hold very dear to us; not because they are useful now but becuase they remind us of the beautiful memories that are associated with them. These things may be old books, an old radio or an old vehicle. It may be the case that those things may now be of no use and people may think that we need to get rid of them. But it's not easy.  Even if we try to get rid of them that process in itself could be a emotionally taxing experience. But what would happen if such an object feels the same way about the owne and would try everything in it's power to stop it's owner from discarding it? This is the thought that has gone behind writing this story and i liked the premise of the story. Another thing that i liked about the story is that although it's a horror story but through it the writer has tried to comment on our mordern way of life and how that quest for individual independence has made our older generation lonely. It's something new and something unexpected for that generation and that's why they are getting more adversely affected by it. We, who are from a younger generation, should stop and ponder on it. 

But if i look at it as a horror story then this story didn't do it for me. An idea about a car who doesn’t want to let go of you is something that excited me but the way it’s executed leave a lot to be desired. There are one or two scenes that are scary but apart from it a lot  is left to the imagination. The story is about a family with four members and three members of the family are dead when the story ends. What happens to the fourth one and what did he do with the car? How did the car react to his presence? What happened to the car in the end? These are some of the questions that are left unanswered. So when this story ends, it feels kind of incomplete. 

I believe the form of the story is also responsible for this.The story is told in first person and this i think restricts the writer. We see the story from the perspective of a family member and the story takes such turn that the author is left with no choice than to end it abruptly. This makes me think that wouldn't it have been better if the writer had chosen the car as the narrator or had told this story in third person. Then she would have been able to end it in a more clean way and that end would have made it a more satisfying read for me.

Right, now i can only say that the story can be read once but don't expect too much from it.

Book Link: Amazon

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