The Missing Cases of Sundarpur - Nilutpal Gohain

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Review: The missing cases of Sundarpur


People are disappearing in Sundarpur. There are rumors that it's because of the haunted house. The house has had a history. It occupants have a habit of disapperaring without a trace. 

But is it just a coincidence or is there some substance in the rumors?

My Views:

The missing cases of Sundarpur is a short story by Nilutpal Gohain.

I like reading short stories. They are like a snack and you can enjoy them when you have little amount of time on your hand. I often use apps or websites for reading short stories and i found this one on Juggernaut.

The story written in first person starts with the narrator seeing a flash of light flickering inside the notorious house. It's grabs his attention and then things happen that make him go inside the house. What's waiting for him there is the question that would make you keep reading it.

The author has woven this story around greed and he shows us how it sometimes overpowers people's thinking and makes them do stupid things. The narrator at the start of the story seems like an intelligent person but then once the greed overtooks him he starts doing things which he otherwise wouldn't have.

It is a decent read which can be read once. Although, if you are into horror you'd remember similar stories that you have read or watched, which I did too, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it. It kept me hooked and i wanted to know how it would end for our narrator. 

The ending could have been better though. It's predictible now. 

In the story we are given a short history of the house which did pique my interest. I would really like if the author decides to write in detail about the first incident that started it all. It could easily become a novella or novellete and i would love to read it.

If you are looking for a quick read do give it a try. You can also read it on author's site.

Book Link:  Juggernaut | Author's Site

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