Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion - Terrance Dicks

Rating: 3.5/5
Read between August 31 2017 to September 3 2017
Read on 24th september 2017

Edition Details
Format: Paperback
Page Count:192
Publisher : BBC Books
Series : Doctor Who Library (Target) Series #6

Doctor has been exiled from his planet and sent to twentieth century earth. The punishment is because of his frequent trips to earth where he meddled with inter galactic matters. Will he follow the punishment or will just zoom off to some other planet and time?

Meanwhile, an inexplicable phenomenon has been happening in earth  There has been a series of meteorite showers. Commander  of UNIT is worried that these showers are not innocuous but may have something to do with alien invasion. But the problem is they are not able to find any such meteorite yet. Are the General's fears unfounded or the meteorite showers are part of some sinister agenda. And if so who is behind it?

Major Characters:
Doctor Who - A time Lord
Brigadiar Alistair Lethbridge Stewart - Head of a covert unit of Army called UNIT. UNIT was created to deal with the inexplicable issues.
Doctor Elizabeth Shaw - A scholar who has been chosen by Brigadiar to act as a scientific advisor to the UNIT.
Captain Jimmy Munro- Number 2 of Lethbridge
Sam Seeley - A poacher in the Oxley woods.
Doctor Henderson- A casualty officer at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital
Doctor Lomax - Head of Pathology department at Ashbridge
Mullins - The hospital Porter
Wagstaffe - Defence Correspondent of The Daily Post
Corporal Forbes - He was in the Oxley woods searching for the meteorites
The Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion is the first novel of the third Doctor. It's number 6 in the series of novels that were put out by the target and the second one that i have read this year.
Harry Ransome - Chief of Design and a partner at Auto Plastics. He had been fired from the job.
George Hibbert - Owner of Auto Plastics
Mr Channing - New partner of Hibbert
Meg Seeley - Wife of Sam Seeley
Mr Beavis -  Senior Surgical Consultant at Ashbridge Cottage Hospital.
General Scoobie - Immediate superior of Brigadiar Alistair. He was the UNIT's liasion officer to the regular army.

Doctor who is the novelisation of   the episode called Spearheaded from space. Fortunately, i haven't seen the episode so i didn't knew what to expect and so i dived into it without any preconceived notions.

The book is simple yet engrossing. It's all about the attitude of never giving up in face of extreme difficulties. Channing wondered again at this stupid insistence of the humans on fighting to the very last minute.(page 154) There were some laugh out loud moments involving the doctor which were fun to read. The autons were definitely creepy specially a scene where a mannequin comes to life and starts shooting people. I think i would think about it every time i'll see one of those plastic dummies in the store.

I also liked the main antagonist  Nestene which is  a consciousness which can divide itself into various artificial bodies. It's a cool concept and  i was  thinking would it be possible for humans to achieve that stage? And how would that work? That's a thing to ponder upon. If it happens then we'd not loose any knowledge for sure.

I enjoyed reading the book . It's a page turner and would keep you enthralled till the end. If you like Doctor Who or science fiction then you should read it. It you haven't heard of him then do give it a try, i'm sure you'll like it.

If you have read the book then do tell me what did you thought of it? If you haven't but want to then you can get the book from the following links:
Amazon - Paperback

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