Freeze Tag by Caroline B Cooney

Rating: 2.5/5
Read between 14th June,2016 to 16th June,2016

Edition Details:
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 166

First Sentence:
For his seventeenth birthday, West Trevor was given an old Chevy truck.

It was during a game of Freeze tag that Meghan Moore and West siblings found out that Lannie could freeze people just by touching them. And it was at the end of the game that Lannie blackmailed West to promise that he would 'like her best'.
Time has passed and every one has forgotten about that incident. Meghan and West are in love and nothing could be better in their life. But Lannie remembers West's promise and she doesn't like it that West has forgotten it. She now wants West to keep it and she'll do anything to make sure it happens.
What will Lannie do? Will West and Meghan bend to her will? And if not, what price will they have to pay?
Read the book to find out.

Freeze tag is twenty fifth book in the Point Horror series which publishes Young adult horror books.
I found this book to be an okay read. I had liked the synopsis written in the back cover and i had really liked the power which Lannie possessed. She could freeze anyone by touching them and she has full control over her power. I mean she can decide whether a particular touch will freeze some one or not. So i bought it thinking it would be good to see how such an opponent would be defeated by people who were normal. But this confrontation was not there which disappointed me. I can understand that because the book is for young adult audience so the story has to suit their level.

So, that's why my problem is not with the book, it's just that a) I have grown up so i find the book a little too much diluted for my taste and b) The whole scenario of a girl with power like Lannie using her power just to force a boy to like him i find too girly for me. I can think of hundred different things she could have done which were far more better that forcing some one to like her.  And i don't think that's bad because the protagonists are fifteen year old girls, they are going to behave in that way. It's just that it's not my taste.

Any ways i liked the writing of the book. There are sentences interspersed all throughout the book that i loved reading.I would definitely try some boyish YA fiction and adult fiction by the author.

Will i recommend this book? If you are a young adult then you could give it a try. But if you are into more hardcore horror you may not like it that much.

Some of the lines from the book that i really liked:

The sun was going down like a circle of construction paper falling off the bulletin board. No longer the yellow bulb of daytime, it was a sinking orange half circle. Meghan yearned to run toward the sun and catch it before it vanished.

The hate grew toward Meghan like purple shadows. It had a temperature. Hate was cold.

The dark sky had simply grown darker, and now, in the hour before supper, the darkness had a fullness to it, as if it had finally consumed everything in it's path and was ready for a nap.

Those were not even smiles across their faces.
They were gashes.

Evil can infect. Evil can spread. Evil has such great and terrible power that it infiltrates even the best of human beings.

These are some of the lines out of many that i liked. If you have read this book the do tell me how did you like it. And if you haven't then you could get the book from the following links:


Freeze Tag (Point Horror)

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